Assessment Phase

In this phase, we will work with you to define your success criteria, goals, and objectives. This will allow us to not only customize solutions for your organization, but to also set concrete, measurable, and achievable goals, and benchmarks for success. During this phase, we will determine how to best build business value in-terms of efficiency, transformation, and user empowerment.

In this phase, we will:

• Define revenue segments

• Determine delivery methods

• Assess user needs and wants

• Create a plan to align our solutions with your organizational structure and workflow

• Assess potential sources of growth

• Define necessary resources

• Understand your budget

Development Phase

Development Phase

During this phase, we will create a unique solution, or set of solutions, for your organization. This iterative development phase will focus on building value using an incremental process in which we regularly assess our progress using pre established metrics. In this phase, we will:

• Define the data model(s)

• Define the environment

• Integrate data

• Prepare for deployment

• Deploy the solution

• Train your staff and employees if necessary

Management and Support Phase

Once the solution and structure are in place, we will continue to measure, monitor, track, and manage your solution as a means of constant improvement. We will perform security updates as needed and provide ongoing support should you need it.

As your business grows and you build more routes to market, increase jobs and processes, and expand your product line or services, we are here to assist you in executing your growth strategy and meeting the needs of your staff, customers, and vendors.

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